"Music has appeal to our hearts and spirits as light to the darkest night!"

We'd like to thank John Canaan and Jenny Jordan Frogley for so graciously donating and sharing their talents.
The testimonials on this website came from a nonprofit CD my husband and I produced and were miraculously
recorded one time only.A big thank you to Rick (my husband), Tyson (my son), Kim and Michael (who are married),
and Rod. You each inspire and uplift me; thank you for being vulnerable and 12 stepping all of us.

Music   Testimonials
1. Honesty - You're Not Alone
2. Hope - Come Unto Him
3. Trust In God - No One Can Love Me Better (Never)
4. Truth In Inventory - Judgement Day
5. Confession - Sweet is the Feeling
6. Change of Heart - Let Him Heal Your Heart
7. Humility - His Love
8. Forgiveness - Where Can I Turn For Peace
9. Restitution - Heart Wide Open
10. Accountability - Our Father's Plan
11. Personal Revalation - Dwell Thou In Me
12. Service - Face to Face
  1. Christy
2. Kim
3. Michael
4. Rick
5. Rod
6. Tyson
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