“From my heart to yours: My oldest two sons’ heroin addiction was tearing our family apart and luring them toward a premature death.. but they were worth fighting for!"
Addiction is
a family affair;
Reach out
for recovery!
“Tragically, over 16 of my sons’ friends have died from the disease of addiction; if only their families knew then what we know now, perhaps several of them would still be alive today.”
Why are families so vital to recovery from addiction?
An addicted individual has an 80% higher likelihood of finding
long-term sobriety (over a year) when their family
also engages in the recovery process!
(According to NIDA, the National Institute on drug Addiction)
The Miracle of Recovery is Real; Grab your addicted
loved one by the hand and plunge into recovery!
HOW? Over the past six years my husband and I have conducted hundreds of 12 Step Addiction Recovery Meetings around Salt Lake County in local churches, the jail, and prison. Ask successful recovering addicts this question, “What was the biggest help for you in finding and maintaining long term sobriety from your addiction?” Most all will respond, “Attending a 12 Step program!” We are personal witnesses that 12 step meetings work!
WHERE? 12 Step meetings are found on the internet listed under the various substance addictions or behavioral addictions such as codependency, gambling, pornography(the largest epidemic today), etc. Both behavioral and substance abuse addictions can be healed through the same 12 step principles found in addiction recovery meetings!
WHY? Because families are paramount in the survival of our society and VITAL in the long term recovery and success of family members who are trapped in the cycle of addiction. If you have a loved one suffering from the grip of addiction, there is hope in recovery! We invite you to read the stories and testimonials (above) from individuals and family members who have found peace from addiction.
"Our family has witnessed
miracles in our own lives
and in the lives of others
who chose to battle
addiction by engaging in
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